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Terms & Conditions - Online Orders
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Web Site Pricing:
Yamahapart.com offers parts and accessories through its affiliate sites (the Sites). The prices for these items are based on the order being processed "ONLINE" and not by phone. From time-to-time we run internet only discounts and the price to purchase an item by phone will be more than to purchase the same item online. In addition our suppliers change prices from time to time. We try to ensure that the prices on our site reflect the actual price of the item being sold; however, we reserve the right to refuse to sell of any item, and do not guarantee the prices of any item.

We require orders to be prepaid by credit card
By placing an order on our website you are accepting the following terms and conditions.  I understand and agree that by placing an order and hitting the order button I am digitally signing my personal signature and filing this order for purchase. I certify that all information provided on the customer information and credit card forms is true, correct and complete, and that I am the authorized person on the credit card used for this purchase. I certify that I have agreed to pay the amount indicated on the order immediately, and I have authorized Ecardeals America inc dba Gopolarisparts.com and Flemington Yamaha and its designated financial agents to initiate and charge my credit card immediately from the indicated credit card upon placing this order. I understand that if anything is misrepresented to Ecardeals America Inc. by me it is a theft of services and product and I agree to reimburse Ecardeals America inc. any and all cost required to retrieve and recoup monies owed and product owned by Ecardeals America Inc.

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

Transfer of Product Ownership:
One hour after you have placed and we have accepted your order on-line, we will have placed your order with the respective manufacturer. Once the manufacturer has confirmed that it has accepted your order, at that time you are the owner of the product ordered and will be subject to the return and restocking fees detailed in “RETURNS”.  We act as your agent and ship your product USPS as detailed in “Shipping and Handling”.  Once your product has left our premises with the shipper, USPS, the transfer of responsibility for your product has occurred and as you are the owner of the product, any shipping issues are between you and USPS.  We are not responsible for delays, losses or damages caused by USPS.  All of our shipping charges are based on either USPS Priority, parcel post or Express standard rates, while these rates are uniform throughout the USPS system , individual local postmasters in your location sometimes take it upon themselves to interpret rates for packages differently then the standard rates charged at the originating shipping point of our fulfillment center and additional charges are added by that local postmaster.  We have no way of knowing or determining what these subjective additional charges would be before shipping your order and we are not responsible for any additional charges added by your local postmaster.  If your postmaster has added charges and you do not accept them , refuse delivery of your order and when it is returned to us we will refund you 100% of your order and shipping. If you do not want your product shipped USPS arrangements must be madeBEFORE you place your order.
Oversized or heavy items will be subject to additional shipping charges. This charge may not be calculated until the order is being prepared. We will notify you if there is an increase in the shipping charge of your order prior to billing and shipping. Depending on the size of the package and your delivery location, oversize/overweight charges can range, you will be notified by e mail.

If you place an order and need to return the items they MUST be returned and received by  our fulfillment department within 12 calendar days of you receiving it as confirmed by USPS. (THIS IS REGARDLESS OF REASON FOR RETURN), i.e. your mistake (placing an order and then changing your mind FOR ANY REASON IS YOUR MISTAKE), our mistake, manufacturer error or damaged contents. No returns for items less than $6 will be accepted.

All returned parts must be pre-approved by our fulfillment department with an RA number in original packing. A copy of the invoice to you and a brief description of why you are returning it. The OEM will not take them back if they are not in original condition. (There are no returns on electrical components NO EXCEPTIONS- so make sure you need it!)The OEM's are VERY particular about what they allow returned - and they charge 35% restocking fee plus return freight so we do to.

Canceling An Order:
Xtreme Powersports fills orders in the shortest amount of time possible. Orders may be canceled within one hour of being placed. Thereafter, all orders have been placed with the OEM and the product has been purchased by you and CANNOT BE CANCELLED, you at that point own the product and it is in the process of our acting as your agent and your product being shipped to you or you have received it and are subject to the return policy (SEE ABOVE)

Shipping and Handling:
We Ship USPS daily.  We pay freight inbound to us from the OEM manufacturer - you pay freight outbound to you from our fulfillment center - minimum shipping and handling charge is $9.00 on all orders. 

Standard shipping is based on USPS charges plus handling without “signature required”. If you want your package sent with a signature required you must inform us BEFORE placing your order and there will be an additional shipping cost for this service. Some items may not be able to be shipped in this manner due to size or weight. In which case, these items must be shipped via truck freight. If this is the case, you will be notified of the new shipping charges and your acceptance of these costs.

Average time to receive parts to our fulfillment center to ship is 3 - 5 business days, USPS transit time is from 2 - 12 business days.  Elapsed total delivery time to your door will be from 5 - 17 Business days on average.  Business days do not include Saturday,Sunday, Holidays or the day the order is placed. If you place your order after 12 noon on a Friday, the first business day for your order is the following Monday.  We ship to the 50 United States, Canada and most foreign destinations.  As transfer of ownership occurs once your order is place with the manufacturer, All Canadian and International customers are responsible for any duty, taxes, fees or charges imposed by your government and returns based on non acceptance of these charges are not allowed.

Sales Tax:  Transfer of ownership of your product either occurs within the State of New York, or New Jersey, when and where you are placing your order, If you are not a New York State or New Jersey resident we do not collect your state or country of residence’s sales  or other taxes.  Any Sales, use or other tax in your state or country of residence is your responsibility.

Our goal is to get your order processed the same day we receive your order. We want to be your one-stop shop for parts; by limiting our customers to those who follow the above rules are able to serve you better. For details on this page email the info@xtremepowersports.com